Are you ready to reach your full accountancy career potential?

Here at Barber McLelland, where we have been delivering a highly tailored, niche recruitment service for 6 years, our focus on the accountancy profession within the Yorkshire and East Midlands regions has allowed strong relationships to be forged within the industry. Our proficiency encompasses recruitment from entry level to senior management for independent accountants, specialist boutiques, national accountancy firms and the Big 4. Dealing exclusively with accountancy roles concentrated in audit, taxation, general practice, corporate finance and management accounting has enabled extensive knowledge and understanding of these sectors.

Since 2001 we have been building long lasting relationships with clients and accounting professionals, which has led to the establishment of us being an exclusive and trusted recruitment solution. As we operate on a niche and proactive basis with proven local knowledge, we have the advantage of understanding the firms which operate within our areas, so we do truly understand the market.

Exclusive opportunities arise from our robust accounting network as jobs posted online for example are more generic and open to the public. We scope out high-class prospects by going above and beyond by networking and nurturing relationships with potential employers for you. Due to our standing as a renowned accountancy recruitment firm across Yorkshire and East Midlands, organisations trust us to offer highly competent and fitting candidates.

If you’re searching for an accountancy role via generic methods, then don’t be surprised if you secure a position which you soon realise doesn’t align with you. Your needs are our priority through the comprehensive approach we apply by ensuring we fully understand your wants, motivations, strengths, skills and overall career aspirations. We take the time needed to thoroughly understand you as an individual which allows us to highlight opportunities which are highly matched to you personally.

In addition, we appreciate that whilst you may fit a particular job, it may not be perfect for you, so this is where our wide-ranging grasp of the accounting sector comes into play to ensure a faultless match is made and avoid surface level estimations of your ideal job. Based on our commitment to transparency and professionalism, we aim to provide a tailored recruitment service that’s mutually beneficial for you and the accountancy firm.

The whole recruitment process can be overwhelming, however from the onset we work in partnership with you to manage every phase effectively. Our tailored action plan alongside CV preparation, analysis of accountancy market trends, salary benchmarking, interview techniques and offer management, we guide and communicate with you throughout, so you are well-informed at all stages. We strive to ensure we entirely understand you, and that’s why we have a proven track record.

As the growing accounting industry becomes increasingly fierce in competition, accountancy professionals seeking new positions are increasingly using specialist recruitment services to provide a competitive edge. This is creating higher quality applications across the board, therefore working in partnership with us will ensure you aren’t left behind. Using us as your accountancy recruitment specialists distinguishes you from other candidates. Our solution provides the framework and tools required to be successful in securing your next challenge.

Summary of key benefits

  • Expert knowledge and understanding of the accountancy field due to 20 years of experience.
  • Access gained to a large network of accountancy firms in Yorkshire and East Midlands with unique opportunities from contacts due to long-standing relationships.
  • Comprehensive understanding of you and your needs, interests and strengths to enable an appropriate match between you and your future employer.
  • Assist clients with close communication at each stage so you’re never left speculating and enables the whole process to run smoothly and effectively
  • Reduces the disadvantage against other candidates who have engaged with specialist recruiters

We are renowned and established specialists in the accountancy field for a reason. For more information about how
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